Client Testimonials

First Name: Paula
Location: Newbury Street, Boston

"Jenna gave me a fabulous A-line Bob Haircut. She took her time and explained each step of what she was doing. She cut my hair to perfection. While styling it she gave me great tips of how to take care of it easily at home. Not only is Jenna a great stylist, she has fantastic a personality. She exudes confidence, is warm and friendly, and puts you at ease immediately. I highly recommend her!"

First Name: Stephanie
Location: Cambridge, MA

"Jenna gave me the best haircut I have had in my entire life. I love it! She was very caring and wonderful throughout the hwole haircut, and she worked with me to make the cut that I was thinking of (a biased A-line) work for my thick, wavy, dark, sometimes-unruly hair. It's so nice to have found a good, talented stylist in Boston who is also just a sweet, sweet person. Thanks, Jenna!"

First Name: zahra
Location: newbury street

"hi jenna! thank you for the haircut, i love it! i had never straightened my hair before and now im considering growing my hair out and using a straightener. And even though my hair grows fast and is growing out of the style you cut for me, it is growing out rather nicely. i recommended you to several friends and would love to come back myself. =)"

First Name: Veronica
Location: Boston, MA

"i have gotten many compliments on my haircut, and i was very pleased with the service i recieved. i would definitely visit again!!"

First Name: Sara
Location: Boston

"I got an amazing haircut from Jenna. My new hair style was sleek, textured and was cut in just the right way to frame the shape of my face. My time at the salon was very enjoyable as I received a lot of interest and feedback to the kind of hair cut i was looking for. Jenna's outgoing and sincere attitude was very impressive and made my time there well spent . I would defenitely go back again and I would highly recommend it others."

First Name: Barbara Julie
Location: Easton, MA

"I was very pleased with my haircut given by Jenna Garey. Although she advertised a different haircut, when I came into the salon she inspected my current hairstyle and my face shape and decided to try something that was more suitable for me (the square layer cut). It was perfect. I have received a lot of compliments on my new hairstyle. I look forward to working with Jenna in the future. "

First Name: Katy
Location: Cambridge

"I was looking for a drastic change in my style. I was getting tired of my long hair, and went to Jenna who gave me a beautiful bob. From the moment I saw the finished product to this day I couldn't be happier with my decision or with Jenna's work. I get compliments from everyone, including people I barely know. Not only is Jenna super talented, she is a very sweet and genuinely caring person. I know that she will become a star soon, so go see her while you can still get an appointment!!"

First Name: Nona
Location: Cambridge MA

"Jenna is my favorite hairdresser ever. Her haircuts are amazing. She has tamed my wild bleached out locks into smooth totally cool angular haircuts that are super foxy. She also listens to me rant and rave about all my boy problems and life stuff and is always nice and supportive. I feel really lucky to be a model because I am a full time student without a lot of money so this has been really great for me. It's a deal and Jenna is superb!!!"

First Name: Rebecca
Location: Cambridge

"I love my new haircut! I have had so many compliments on it, I would definatley recomend Jenna to anyone. I had my haircut in the A-line bob style and Jenna really gave me a "precision cut." I plan on having her cut my hair after her training is over. Thanks Jenna!"

First Name: Melissa
Location: Boston

"Jenna has given me 2 amazing haircuts, and I loved each one. She really turned my hair into something that always looks stylish - and people always comment on my hair now. I've had a few different stylists on Newbury Street, and she blows them out of the water. She's the most focused hair stylist ever, and now I don't trust anybody else to cut my hair!"

First Name: Rachel
Location: Boston

"The care taken with this haircut was amazing. Jenna really discussed with me how she was going to cut it and made recommendations based upon my face shape. She also talked to me a lot about after care for my style. I appreciate the extra time she took.

In the end, it was one of the best haircuts I have ever had. Thank you Jenna!"

First Name: Erica
Location: Northboro, Ma

"I have short hair with a lot of cowlicks and always have a hard time getting the perfect cut. Not this time. I could not be happier with Jenna's work and will definately be making future appointments with her!"

First Name: Caitlin
Location: Boston, MA

"I was a little bit nervous when I replied to Jenna's ad for discount haircuts, but I was definitely in need of a change and the idea of avoiding the usual Newbury St. prices was tempting.
All I can say is that I am completely happy that I took the chance. Not only was Jenna incredibly friendly and interested in finding out how she could adjust the chosen cut to suit what I was looking for, but she did an absolutely amazing job.
She's a total perfectionist, too, and spent more time and concentration than I've ever have someone spend on a haircut, even when I'm paying $80 for it!
She's great, and I'll definitely be going back to see her soon!"

First Name: Christina
Location: boston

"How can I say this succinctly? Jenna is terrific. She listens, is attentive, has a great attention to detail, and I can honestly say that I've never had a better haircut. "

First Name: Molly
Location: Boston

"I've gotten tons of compliments on the haircuts Jenna's given me. Highly recommended!"

First Name: Jennifer
Location: Boston

"I don't think I have ever had a better haircut than the one I recieved from Jenna. She has a great eye for style, which is obvious as soon as you meet her. Beyond that, she listens to what you want, helps you to make a decision, and has fun while she is working. I normally hate making small talk while I'm at a salon, but Jenna was easy to talk to and far from pretentious. She simply knows how to make a client look good and how to keep them comfortable as she is working. "

First Name: Christine
Location: Boston

"Jenna may be a "hairstylist in training," but the two best haircuts I've ever gotten have been at the hands and scissors of Jenna. I have been going to very reputable salons for years, and I have never been as pleased with any of the cuts I've received as I have been with the cuts and styles Jenna has given me. Jenna is extremely precise and astute to detail.

Proof of Jenna's talent for me, was when I let her cut my longer than shoulder-length hair up to the base of my neck. I have had long hair for over 20 years and have never felt comfortable enough to allow a stylist to cut it off. And now I can't wait to go back and have Jenna take off even more!

I will continue to get my haircut by Jenna no matter where her talent takes her. "

First Name: Sarah
Location: Boston, MA

"When Jenna cut my hair I literally stopped traffic... Jenna's work was fantastic: precise, careful, perfect and exactly what I wanted. She was great to be around as well. She made me feel comfortable and I didn't feel pressured to converse unless I felt like it. My hair speaks for itself-- and sells Jenna as a dependable stylist. Many people ask where I get my hair cut and I have no hesitations in recommending Jenna. I am thrilled with the way it has grown out as well-- the product of a great haircut and will try to get back to Jenna before she's perma-booked. "

First Name: Neil
Location: Worcester

"Jenna Garey has cut my hair twice. Now to match my sensational haircut I need all new clothes, a new car, and I might have to move out of Worcester. She is a super hair stylist."

First Name: Jennifer
Location: Waltham, MA

"I am thrilled with my new haircut! Jenna did a wonderful job - she spent a lot of time making sure it was perfect. She listened to what I wanted and gave a style that looks great and is easy to style on my own."

First Name: sara
Location: somerville, ma

"jenna did a wonderful job on my hair! she definately gave me a perfect do, and i am very happy with the outcome of her obvious skills! i wud go back to her in a heartbeat for styling, cutting, or anything she has to offer my head! in fact, i will be due a dye job soon, and i am sure she will do a great job on that as well. she also has a great personality and helped me to feel relaxed and confident in her hands. thanx jenna, i'll be back! --sara"

First Name: Olga
Location: Boston

"Perfect haircut, very stylish!"

First Name: Barbara
Location: Boston

"It was a treat to have such attention lavished on me by Jenna and staff. She took pains to ensure I would be satisfied with what turned out to be a beautiful cut. A talent to be discovered!"

First Name: Ben
Location: Boston, MA

"I could not be more pleased...I guess I had grown too accustomed to the 10 minute "in and out" man's hair cut. What a difference Jenna's skill and attention to detail shows! I look forward to referring friends and coworkers. "

First Name: Natalie
Location: Boston Area

"Thanks so much for the great blow-out Jenna...It looked great and the whole process was really fun...with my busy schedule it was nice to take a break and be pampered. I appreciate it...let me know if you need another "hair model"...I wish you all the best!"

First Name: Jules
Location: Boston

"I absolutely love my haircut from Jenna! It's a completely different look for me and I really like the new style. I got so many compliments, from strangers too!

Jenna was a pure professional and was very easy to talk to and be comfortable with - she listened to all my requests and gave me some very good tips and new product suggestions (that work perfectly for my hair). I will definitely be back for my next haircut. Thanks Jenna!"

First Name: Victoria
Location: Brighton

"Thanks so much for the fabulous blow-out Jenna...I got so many compliments on my hair! You've got skills AND are super nice too. Let me know if you need another hair model...I wish you all the best!"

First Name: Jeremy
Location: Boston

"The haircut is great. Jenna paid great attention to detail and was very personable making it a wonderful experience, exceeding my expectations by far. Thanks very much."

First Name: Melanie
Location: Jamaica Plain

"I have had two haircuts by Jenna; one neck-length bob and one very short "pixie" cut. Both
were done with extreme care, professionalism, and dare I say pampering. Jenna has a great
"touch," and a real sense of individual challenges (in my case, a strong and unruly cowlick).
Go see this gal; you'll love her."

First Name: Wendy
Location: Brookline

"Being new to the city i have gone from hairdresser to hairdresser trying to find one who cut my hair like my old hairdresser. After 2 1/2 years i finally found that in Jenna!I have never had so many compliments on a hair cut! Jenna spent so much time on me. She gave great tips through out the whole cut, and was very friendly!! I went to cut bangs, was just about to chicken out, and she took the time to talk me through it and i am so glad i listened, i love it!! Thanks Jenna, i am so happy i FINALLY found the perfect hairdresser!!!"

First Name: Linda
Location: Cambridge

"I love my haircut! Jenna was very attentive and listened to exactly what I wanted. She did a great job. I'm definately going back. Thanks Jenna."

First Name: Maria
Location: waltham

"Jenna is absolutely awesome! I don't think that either my husband or I have ever looked so good in our lives! I have never trusted anyone to cut my long hair off, but I am glad I trusted her. She is very talented, easy going, hard working and a great stylist. I have never seen anyone work with such precision on anyone's hair, plus Jenna is so into what she's doing and definitely enjoys it. Great artist, great stylist. Thank you Jenna. "

First Name: Molly
Location: Brighton

"Jenna gave me the best haircut I have ever had. Nobody has ever been able to control or cut my naturally curly hair to my satisfaction. Until Jenna. Thanks Jenna and I will be back!"

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